Casa Giordano Morphs Into Casa Cacciato…

Originally blogged November 7, 2012


Just recently we received an email from Scott, our intrepid contractor, giving us an update.
Hi Diane

Hope you are both well, just wanted to touch base with you.  We have actually paused on your place for a few weeks to get some critical work done before the rains set in.  You have a new roof and terrace floor, and you also have a nice large garage room opened up with walls stripped off.  Bedroom wall is in and plastered.

As soon as we get back onto your place I’ll give you a shout and keep you updated.

All the best


One of the things that I appreciate about Scott is the communication.  He sends us regular updates which keeps me on edge and chomping at the bit to see how everything is coming.  If I could snap my fingers it would be the end of June and we would be packing for our flight to Sicily.  As of today (April 29th) we have 63 days until we leave.

Last night I was looking at the  Agenzia Immobiliare My House (realtor) photos of when it was still on the market.  So, here is what Casa Cacciato will likely look like when it is all done and furnished.


We will be keeping the upper cabinets but the sink, stove & oven and little white cabinet will all be replaced by a long wooden countertop, a new double sink and a five burner gas stovetop.


This is our bedroom.  The walls will be painted white and the plaster along the bottom of the wall will be fixed up.  The closet in the corner is a walk-in closet, small but still a walk-in.  And it comes with a safe!  Never had a safe in a house before.


This is the guest bedroom.  Again, it will be painted white.  We figured we would add colour with paintings and some of my photographs.


This is the sitting-room off of the guest bedroom.  We have almost the identical sitting-room off our bedroom as well.  The window on the right is actually part of a door that opens onto a balcony.


This is our street, Cortile Arcuri.  Casa Cacciato is on the extreme left – the grey house with the brown door.  As you can see, the end of the street overlooks the distant hills. 


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