We Have Pictures!

First posted December 12, 2012

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We have pictures!  Scott, owner of Access Sicily Property, who is doing all the reno work for us and has been and continues to be wonderful through this process, has sent pictures and an update.

The bedroom wall that had been half taken down by the previous owner has been returned to it’s pristine state:

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The asbestos roof on the storage room on the top terrazza in now off and replaced and two 1000 litre water tanks have been installed.

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One of the discoveries as Scott worked was that the terrazza off the kitchen was leaking to the room below in the winter.  So he pulled up the tile floor of the terrazza, fixed the leak and replaced the floor and just needs to be tiled.
 photo 5
The kitchen has been pulled back to the wall and the structure for the new counter has been made.  The new wooden countertop is being made as I am typing this.  The bathroom off the kitchen has a new sink and taps and cistern for the toilet.

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But the thing I am most excited about in the kitchen is the wood stove.  The beautiful old tile has been carefully removed and the stove is being repaired.  The pictures are at the top.
Finally, our “en suite” (rather a grand expression for the bathroom close to our bedroom).  The electric hot water heater was directly over the tub with wires hanging down.  The new heater has been moved outside the bathroom and the electrical and plumbing has been moved.  

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Thank you Scott! 
Comments from original post:

been looking at your before-after pictures, it’s great to keep record like this, we also do it in our site Our Adventure in Croatia. Will check your blog again Diane! ciao a presto

And I yours! Ciao!

What a lot of work but as the pictures show, it’s worthwhile!

Yes, we are just chomping at the bit to see it all finished! Already planning the house-warming party in July!

It’s great to see your renovation coming along, Diane!!! Brava! It’s crazy how much asbestos was used in the 50s or 60s–even in water storage tanks. I’m glad you got rid of yours. So envious of your gorgeous stove!!! What will you use it for? Pizzas? Bread???

Yes, I almost had a cow when our reno guy pointed out the asbestos to us. My dad worked in shipyards for most of his working life – shipyards were full of asbestos back then – and he died of COPD even though he never smoked a day in his life. That stuff is nasty.

As for the stove, I think that once we are in Sicily in the winter, I will probably try to make pizza in it. I’m not a great baker and I’m pretty sure any attempts at bread would be disastrous. We may also try using it like a fireplace if Scott, our wonderful reno guy, gives us the thumbs up.

The house is looking great! When will the renovation be completed? I think having a water tank is really a smart move if you want to save a few bucks on your utility bills. Maybe you can fix the old one and use it again. Keep us posted with the progress!

Hi Richelle, 
Thanks! We are pretty pleased with how the house is coming. It should be finished soon. I expect the kitchen is done and they are probably working on the tile on the top terrazza. As for the old water tank, I think it has already been hauled away. As soon as we have new pictures I will post them. 🙂








4 thoughts on “We Have Pictures!

  1. Man I could do with a wee spot along the Med coast somewhere… well, actually the Algarve…

    Great to see your place taking shape. I can see the parties on the patios!! BBQ anyone? 😉

  2. Hi Diane – hope I have found you, love to find you on Facebook but don’t seem to see you. Just returned from Istanbul. Love to hear from you. Carol Love

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