THE GODMOTHER of Sicily, and how to message her on the Auntienet

A couple of posts back, I told the story of the chicken dinner. It seems we were the subject of the “Auntienet”. Enjoy this post from the Dangerously Truthful Diary…

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

I’m excited to find, in mid-2013, that my blog is approaching 1,000 subscribers. I do hope you’re all enjoying it!

My readers come from exciting places all over the world. Their blogs are in many language and scripts, some of which I don’t recognise. I even have a subscriber called जागरण मिडिया सेन्टर, and I would love to know what this language is! Every time I get a new subscriber, I look at their blog, even if I cannot understand it. I wish I had time to properly follow all the blogs, but at least I feel we’re connecting into a friendly community, which I find very exciting.

I realise that I need to introduce my new friends to my mother-in-law, The Godmother, who features regularly in this blog. If I’m honest, she’s actually the star of this blog. She is also a major hub of the Auntienet. Old…

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7 thoughts on “THE GODMOTHER of Sicily, and how to message her on the Auntienet

  1. would like to ask you if sicilians drink espresso in their homes. I am visiting and plan to bring a gift of 6 piece demitasse cups and saucers. good or no.

    • Yes, Sicilians do drink espresso at home but they just call it il caffe’. If you order espresso in a bar you will get an odd look (as I found out from experience) because most coffee drinks are made with espresso. I think that your gift sounds very appropriate and will show bella figura on your part.

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