Being Chased Out Of The House

So, let me begin by saying that we are still happily at home in our house in Cianciana and nobody has chased us out.


The problem is the name of our house.  When we bought this place and decided to place it on Air BnB (not quite yet done but will be soon) we thought we would call it Casa Cacciato.  Makes sense.  Casa meaning house and Cacciato being our last name.  Well, it turns out that Casa Cacciato means something like “the house that one gets chased out of”.  Go figure.  So, since we actually want people to come to our house, and our intention is to not chase anyone away – or not chase anyone simpatico away, if you are obnoxious all bets are off 😉 – we figured we should rethink our choice of names.  So here we go:

  1. Casa Cacciato – you already know the problems with this one but should we just go with it anyhow?
  2. Casa Bellavista – ‘house with the beautiful view’ – there is already a B&B in Cortona with this name and they are all over the interwebs…
  3. Casa Altavista – ‘house with the tall view’ which is actually pretty appropriate as we are almost at the top of the town.  There is a restaurant in Rome that pops up when you search for this.
  4. Cacciato Torre – literal meaning is ‘Cacciato Tower’ which is a play on words between Cacciato Torre meaning Cacciato Tower and Cacciatore the food.  I know, I know, but Nick likes puns.
  5. Casa Terrazze di Montagna – ‘house of the terraces of the mountain’ – I like this but Nick thinks its too long.
  6. Casa di Stelle – ‘house of the stars’.  I have a feeling that this one is grammatically incorrect and it should actually be Casa delle Stelle which doesn’t role off the tongue as nicely.  Can someone tell me which one is correct?
  7. Casa Dolce Vita – ‘house of the sweet life’.  So true.

So these are our choices and we need your input.  Please vote for one of these names or if you have another idea please add it in the comments.  Help us!  We are in a quandary!


2 thoughts on “Being Chased Out Of The House

  1. I actually like Casa Di Selle as my pups name is Stella and our boats name is Stella del Mare “Star of the sea” or the glint on the ocean when the sun shines on it depending which language you are speaking, either way a Star ;-). Good luck

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