Snapshot – Via Scavuzzo


When we are in Cianciana, every morning I walk the block uphill to get to Via Scavuzzo where the bakery stands.  Via Scavuzzo is not a street that has anything special about it.  It is a typical and very ordinary street.  It is full of doors like these; not spectacular, not architecturally stunning.  Yet behind these doors are the lives of dozens of people whose families go back on this street for hundreds of years.  The neighbours talk about the past as if it were last week or last month.  Silvestro and Gina have lived there their whole lives.  Silvestro built the top two floors to our house back in the 1970s.  Now he and his son, Enzo, are rebuilding the house next door so that as Silvestro and Gina age, they will have a single story home – no stairs – a rarity in old Sicily.  Enzo and his wife Enza have a son, Silvio, who is learning to be an electrician.  Just down the road there is the friendly lady (I don’t know her name) who speaks Sicilian to me, not Italian, and I rarely understand what she says.  But that is all right because she is deaf (I think) and doesn’t understand me either.  But we always nod and smile and say “Buon giorno” to each other.  Halfway down the street is the bakery owned by Vito & Gina Forte.  They work loooonnnnngggg hours (midnight to noon) baking bread for the neighbourhood and shops all over Cianciana and Agrigento.  Their bread is absolutely wonderful.  Just think what it is like to have this steaming hot for breakfast every morning…


Put this together with an espresso and some fresh fruit and you have a perfect breakfast!


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