At the Table

This blog post was so useful that I thought I would add it to mine. Farfalle1 has lots of great blog posts about living in Italy. Check out her blog!

An Ex-Expatriate

There are many dining differences between the U.S. and Italy, but some of them are rather subtle.  The food is the first and most obvious, with the dining hour a close second. Holding the fork in the left hand to eat after cutting food is also the common Italian practice, as it is in much of Europe… much more efficient than the American practice of shifting the fork from right hand to left to cut meat, say, then shifting it back again to the right to eat politely.

How much more sensible to just spear it with that fork, saw off a hunk, and ahhhhhhh.

There are otherItalian dining customs that we have learned about only slowly.  The hands on the table for instance; in the U.S. it is considered polite to keep your non-working hand in your lap and your elbows off the table.  In Italy this is highly…

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One thought on “At the Table

  1. Thank you for posting this Diane – you gave my blog a huge boost the day you published it. I’m awfully glad to read your blog – Speedy is 100% Sicilian and it’s good to keep up with the ‘old island.’

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