A sing-song at Segesta

I love stories about Sicily, especially stories of people getting lost in Sicily – see my Open Letter To TomTom. It’s just so easy to do! I especially like this one because it ended with such a quintessentially Italian moment. I also am reblogging this so you can also visit two awesome blogs. Hope you enjoy!

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

Today, dear readers, I proudly offer you a guest post written by an actual, professional journalist!  His own blog, DorsetDaze, features his witty writing and gorgeous photographs.

Here, he describes his trip to the ancient Greek temple at Segesta.  His day involved the classic Sicilian blend of sublime and ridiculous, in equal measure.


ACCORDING to the books, it’s about 80 kilometres from Palermo to Segesta – a bit under an hour even on a bad day.

We did it twice – different days, different routes, same sat-nav, same result: each time it took us twice as far and twice as long.

So near and yet so far.... The Greek temple at Segesta So near and yet so far…. The Greek temple at Segesta

That’s not Segesta’s fault, of course; blame a bewildered sat-nav, a confused driver and an embarrassed, incompetent navigator.

The journeys were made during our recent nine-day visit to western Sicily when we based ourselves in a rented…

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