Settimana Santa – Easter in Cianciana or Not Exactly The Easter Bunny…




Easter has just past, and while children in North America, the UK, Australia and a few other places hunted for coloured eggs and shovelled decapitated chocolate rabbit heads into their mouths, people of Cianciana, children included, celebrated in a different manner.


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Easter is a time well worth visiting Cianciana. Settimana Santa, or Passion Week, is not really a festa for children as it has so much become in other places. Passion Week marks the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. I have read that Italians are ‘holiday Catholics’ however, my experience has been that for many Sicilians, the Church is woven into the fabric of their daily lives and, as such, Passion Week is a time in which Sicilians in small towns all over Sicily come together to celebrate.

 These pictures of Cianciana were taken by my good friend, and resident of Cianciana, Bernadette Landy-Lovatt and are shared with her permission.  Thanks Bernadette!

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In Cianciana, Palm Sunday is the day not to miss. The Ciancianesi recreate the procession of Christ carrying the cross to His crucifixion and they do it with a startling reality that can be a bit shocking to those more familiar with the Easter bunny.




Easter Food


Sicilians can find a reason in anything to enjoy the excellent bounty of their fields – meeting with friends, any kind of festa, heck, ‘it’s sunny today’ is a good reason to cook and eat a sumptuous meal. But at Pasqua (Easter), Sicilians really out do themselves. Nick’s mother would make a type of braided bread, golden and beautifully soft inside, with a hardboiled egg nestled into the braids of the bread called pupi cu l’uova.  There are so many other kinds of delectable and wonderful foods in the Sicilian Easter, including a succulent roast lamb mirrored by a sweet marzipan lamb, the amazing gooey and spongey cassata cake, and of course the traditional and amazing cannoli and torta di ricotta. If you would like to try another Easter dish, Pastieri di Pasqua is also mixes the soft bread of the puli cu l’uova with a delicious savoury stuffing.

If any of this sounds appealing, and you think a visit to Cianciana at Easter is in order, don’t forget that Casa La Dolce Vita could be your affordable and beautiful holiday home in Sicily.

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