La Mia Cucina Siciliana

This is a new blog that I have started to go along with My Sicilian Home. Welcome to My Sicilian Kitchen…hope you enjoy it.

My Sicilian Kitchen

Welcome to My Italian Kitchen! This is a corollary blog to My Sicilian Home, a blog that will introduce you to Sicily, the town of Cianciana, and the home and B&B that my husband and I bought in 2012.


About once a week I will be trying one or two new recipes out of my collection of Italian and Sicilian cookbooks which Nick and I will enjoy while watching an Italian film. With each meal, I will write about the following things:


  1. How is the weather in Cianciana?
  2. What is the recipe and where did I find it?
  3. What is my shopping list?
  4. How easy or difficult was it to prepare?
  5. How does it taste?
  6. What is the nutritional information?
  7. What is the movie and where did we find it?
  8. What is the plotline?
  9. What did we think of it?


As much as possible, I will…

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