You Say Tomato…

My Sicilian Kitchen

afdqz-1455052513-175-lists-vintage_pizzaWhen I was a kid, what passed for Italian food was Kraft homemade “pizza”. Notice the quotation marks. It wasn’t pizza. It didn’t even resemble the thing that I now know is pizza. There was a flour mix into which you stirred hot water and set on the back of the stove to rise. Then, if you were like my frugal mother, you streeeeetched it out to cover the largest possible baking sheet you could to make the largest possible “pizza” with the smallest amount of dough. Next, you opened the little tin of “pizza” sauce and spread it on the dough. Again, as thinly as possible because you had already made the “pizza” 50% bigger than Kraft had ever intended. The next two steps could be switched around if you were feeling spontaneous. Either you opened the tiny package of “parmesan” powder and sprinkled it over the top or…

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