My Favourite Cookbook

 Silver Spoon and Italian Cooking
When Nick and I first started dating, I went out and bought the standard for Italian cookbooks – Silver Spoon.  Silver Spoon is undoubtedly a great cookbook, but I found that recipes that I wanted to try were often complicated or had ingredients that we couldn’t find in the small town in which we live.  One day, while poking through a pile of cookbooks at a second hand book sale I found Italian Cooking: A Treasury of Italian Dishes for Every Occasion.  I picked it up for a dollar and brought it home to browse through the recipes.  What I found truly was a treasury of recipes – and simpler ones with ingredients carried at our local grocery story.  I have found a number of recipes that have been hits at home both with Nick and my daughter.  
My beat-up copy of this terrific cookbook

My beat-up copy of this terrific cookbook

As I find new cookbooks, I will add them here with a bit of a review.
Sicilian Cookery: The best recipes of the regional cookery
Sicilian cooking is unique – different from the rest of Italy, but equally delicious.  We picked up a Sicilian cookbook – Sicilian Cookery: The best recipes of the regional cookery.  It certainly has some wonderful recipes.   The review in rates this book at 3.8/5 and their review says: “An original portrait that includes 212 illustrated regional recipes that range from appetizers to fantastic fish dishes and refined desserts. While writing this book the author checked through all recipes paying the utmost attention to clarity of instruction. Moreover the recipes are richly illustrated with splendid pictures, specially taken, to guide you through the great Sicilian cookery tradition. Many annotations, variations and suggestions together with brief historical notes about the dishes origin complete this culinary dream.”

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