100 Things About Nick

Watch for the post here…I have to convince Nick this is a good idea before I post anything!


I have been given tacit approval to go ahead with this page so here is my first thing about Nick:

  1. Nick is a brilliant, scholarly man, who reads everything he can get his hands on, on whichever topic catches his fancy.  Just before we met, it was philosophy.  Currently, it is comedy and how it has developed over time.  Between Nick and me, we are awash in a sea of books.
  2. Nick doesn’t believe #1.  The brilliant part.  As far as the books go, even he cannot ignore the sea of books.
  3. Nick gets grumpy when he thinks about having to cut the lawn or do housework (so do I).
  4. Nick is a very good and funny writer.  Sadly, he doubts himself and so hasn’t put pen to paper in a while.  But he is making sounds about picking up a project he was working on a while ago.  I think this is positive!
  5. Nick does so much to make this world a better place.  He has been working with a young man for several years as part of his job, but in his own time, Nick drives him to wheelchair rugby every Monday night and even joins in when they need an extra man!

3 thoughts on “100 Things About Nick

  1. I think Nick is a brilliant barbecuer in addition to being a very good listener. I can hardly wait to discuss all kinds of books and ideas with both of you. I am a ‘bibliophile’ as well.

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