Molto Deliziosa

One of the many things that makes Sicily so wonderful is the food.  Much of Sicily is agricultural and so the food you are eating was likely on the tree or in the water or picked from the ground yesterday!  On our 2010 trip to Sicily, we couchsurfed most of the time and were lucky enough to stay with Marilena and her mother Giovanna.  Marilena’s brothers own and operate a farm and we visited them on their farm.  We spent a wonderful afternoon in their orchards.  We picked fruit that we had picked off trees in British Columbia as well – plums, peaches.  But we also picked oranges.  Picking an orange off a tree and eating it!  For my north-of-the-49th-parallel taste buds this was an amazing treat.  And mulberries!  Of course I had heard of mulberries but I had never seen, much less eaten a mulberry!  I had no idea of the sweetness of these berries – and I certainly didn’t expect to see the stains they left on my hands.


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