Magdelena, the fast food chef.

Madelena, the fast food chef.



4 thoughts on “Cianciana

  1. please leave the fast food for the americans… not trash your wonderful culture with their barbaric attitude toward food

    • You may have missed this in the blog post but Maddelena’s fast food is not at all what North Americans think about fast food. Other than the french fries that go with her marvellous roast chicken, her menu includes things like octopus salad, lasagna, baked pasta, cold couscous, and arancini. Maddelena is a trained and award-winning chef. There is nothing trashy about her food at all. Oh, and to Maddelena, fast food means order it now, pick it up in 2 hours…or the next day! The post that goes with that is Privacy Sicilian Style.

  2. Have you had Madelena’s arancini? Anyone else in the town make arancini? I am going to tell you the story in person as to why I am asking – may the adventure begin!

    • Yes, I have and they are very good. I am also particularly fond of the arancini from La Dolceria. No one beats Magdalena’s chicken and chips though! I would love to hear your story. Will you be in Cianciana next summer?

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