Rosamaria Rita Lombardo

In all the travelling I have done, and there has been a fair bit, the most multicultural place I have been is London. Walking Oxford Street or Notting Hill, Greenwich Market or Isle of Dogs you hear more languages in a city block than most language schools offer in their school catalogues.


While Cianciana may not rival London for multiculturalism, I would hazard a guess that it rivals most towns in Sicily. People come here from all over the world – just in the few blocks around my house there are people from Russia, England, France, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, the US, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Morocco. Not only that, but people from all around Italy come to Cianciana for the summer festivals. Because of this, we have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.


Four nights ago, we met a couple from Milan and their daughter who was born in Vietnam. We just struck up a conversation about good places to eat in Cianciana and one thing led to another and we were sharing information about the various books we had published.


Born in Palermo, Rosamaria Rita Lombardo trained as an archaeologist at the University of Milan. Back in 1999, she wrote an article, “San Calogero di Agrigento: l”Ercole di memoria ciceroniana” which was published in Il Voltaire. This led to her researching her most recent book, L’ultima dimora del Re, or The Final Resting Place of the King. In this book, Rosamaria puts forth the theory that Sicily could be the actual burial spot of the legendary Cretan King Minos.


Rosamaria will be presenting her book tomorrow (August 5th) in the piazza at Santa Elisabetta, near Raffadali, at 9pm. She will also be giving her presentation on August 9th at 7pm in Raffadali in the auditorium of the Mother Church.

To see more about Rosamaria and her book, click here or here


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